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Jim is without a doubt one of the preeminent drummers currently active on the Canadian roots music scene.  He is full of creative ideas that benefit each and every session he appears on.

Andrew Galloway
President Electro-Fi Records

"Jim's incomparable blues shuffle and infectious groove will bend your ears the first time you hear him play. An inspiring musician with decades of experience and accolades, I highly recommend any of Jim's recorded performances to any drummer who's serious about playing music for a living!"

Scott Atkins
Artist Relations - Sonor Drums Canada

"Whether it is listening with the ears of an orchestral percussionist or chasing down the complexity of a big band chart, Jimmy has the tools to make it seem completely under control.  Jimmy lays down the law and order every performance requires."

J. Richard Hutt
Record producer / owner Cedartree Recording Studio

"I recall seeing Jimmy play a shuffle in Toronto one night, and I remember at the time thinking this has to be the best left hand shuffle groove I have ever heard! The band was so locked in the groove, and it all came from his left hand. He was smokin’ that night and he's burning these days!"

Dave Rundle
President/Owner - Headhunter Drumsticks

"I was so moved by his groove...he is one of those professionals that when you´ve seen him play once you want to experience it again.  And if you haven´t, I´m telling you, you should."

Benny Greb
International recording/touring artist and clinician

"Oh yeah, I like Jimmy! He can stay in the pocket all night long!"

Mr.Snooky Pryor
Blues legend/ Harmonica player


I always feel honoured when an artist asks me to record with them. It is a sign of trust…and I am most happy to comply. Here is a small selection of albums I have played on.

album cover

Western Swing Authority
Now Playing

album cover

Mel Brown and the Homewreckers
Neckbones and Caviar
Electro-Fi Records
Winner of a W.C.Handy Award

album cover

Tim Louis
Brooklyn Records

album cover

Snooky Pryor
Mojo Ramble
Spin Music

album cover

Western Swing Authority
Big Deal'
Curve Music

album cover

Western Swing Authority
12 to 6 Central
Curve Music

album cover

Mel Brown and the Homewreckers
Homewreckin' Done Live
Electro-Fi Records